On Fri 30th Dec we held our first ever Chess Jamboree!

During the past year we have built up the number of our chess sets, and also been awarded a € 200 grant towards chess sets from the ‘Moves for Life’ chess project. We are delighted that, with our 30 sets we can hold multi class chess practise sessions and tournaments, and in the future as we gain in experience and skill we hope to invite other schools to come and play with us. 

Chess is a wonderful and fun game which brings people together and helps children in so many ways. It teaches you to win and lose, and encourages emotional resilience. It helps you focus, improves concentration and problem solving skills, exercises the brain and improves mathematical abilities. It also helps you to remain calm under pressure!

During the past year many classes have enjoyed chess sessions and have been getting to know the playing pieces and their possible moves. Chess can be played by anyone from 5 – 90! The key is to introduce the pieces gradually, and here are some short videos of easy, interesting and fun games Moves for Life Chess Games (click on the link)

November was National Chess Month and many schools from all over Ireland enjoy

ed participating. During our Chess Jamboree, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class played 6 mini games together, and the younger classes were a good match for the older classes! We awarded trophies and ‘Ballyraine Chess champion’ stickers for best scorers, and special congratulations go to A. and M. who won all of their games!

Thank you to all the pupils who participated so well and shook hands with their opponents both before and after each game in a most sportsmanlike manner.

Keep playing chess at home and having fun!

 If any parent is interested in starting an after school chess club, please get in touch. You don’t have to be a chess expert, just interested in playing the game and helping children learn!