Reading Eggs – a fun reading program

Parents may be interested in trying out the Reading Eggs program which is offering a free months’s trial at the moment. Note – a subscription  will automatically begin through Google Play or iTunes after a month, unless you cancel it.

It’s an enjoyable way to practise and have fun reading, and children begin with a wee test to set their starting level. There are maths activities also.

Out of the Ark, the creators of many of our wonderful Christmas musicals, have given everyone a great new song to sing every day! There are fun family activities to go with the songs also

 Free online reading passages with interactive questions for desktop, tablet and mobile phone browsers.
Levels: Senior Infant, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th + 6th .  No need to print.

Oxford reading books are available free during Covid 19, as ebooks

Make Your Family Tree – a lovely activity to do with your family

The FREE FAMILY TREE TEMPLATES website has a big selection of free printable family tree templates, which can be as simple or as complex as you like, in a variety of styles.

The FAMILY ECHO website has a free program where you can input all the names of your family and create a printable family tree which you can share and download. You can add photos to each name if you want.

Be a Green Detective! We have time now to open our eyes and ears to the wildlife and nature around our houses, down our lanes, up in the sky.

Visit our green team home activity page  for ideas and help to identify plants, insects and even stars in our night sky. – What can YOU find?

Learn a new tune on your tin whistle every week! Here are some great YouTube tutorials