Our former colleague, vice-principal and learning support teacher, Mrs. Marina Sterritt (retired 2011) wrote a very interesting history of the school. This book is available to purchase from the school office.

‘Changed Times’
Book Launch

Mrs. Marina Sterritt, vice principal and author, gives students a sneak preview of the book before the launch on World Book Day, March 6th.
Rev. W. McCully, Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Sterritt Former principal of Ballyraine N.S., Delia Harris Dept. of Education inspector, Noren Fiorentini.
Pupil A.R. reads from the book pupil R.B. reads an excerpt Mrs. Sterritt describes her journey to authorship and publication, and speaks about the changes to the school
pupils who presented Mrs. Sterritt with gifts, flowers and a diary and pen for further writing ! presentation of photos taken through the years the crowd of parents, teachers and friends chat and enjoy refreshments
lovely spring flowers flank the gifts presented to Mrs. Sterritt examining old photos for familiar faces !
Is that………? It was very enjoyable watching the slide show of photos during the speeches and presentations