Teaching Staff     

The school has an administrative Principal Mr David Oliver.

There are currently 14 teachers in the school.  Classes are single grade and there are 9 mainstream class teachers.  There are 4 S.E.T teachers and 1 part time S.E.T. teacher.  There is also a full time E.A.L teacher.


Class teachers 2022/2023:


School Middle Management

David Oliver:    Administrative Principal

Linda Moore:    Acting Deputy Principal

Arlene Gallen:   Deputy Principal (currently on Job Share)

Lesley Wilkinson: AP II Post  (I.C.T/Library)

Vikki McArt:        Acting AP II Post


S.N.A (Special Needs Assistants)

There is 1 part time SNA and 6 full time SNA’s.

Mrs Elaine Maguire, Mrs Maureen Durack, Ms Nina Leech, Ms Susan McCahill,  Ms Caroline Dunne, Ms Maria Lynas and Gemma Moore


STAFF 2021 / 2022

Junior Infants A: Mrs Vikki McArt

Junior Infants B: Mrs Fiona Bowe

Senior Infants:  Ms Donna McMullan

1st Class:    Mrs Arlene Gallen/Mrs Amy McDowell

2nd Class: Mrs Clár Friel

3rd Class:  Mrs Emma Bates

4th Class:  Mrs Catherine McKinley

5th Class:  Mrs Karen Smyth

6th Class:  Mr Mark Cannon


Ancillary Staff:

Secretaries:  Mrs Lynn Robinson

Mrs Heather McCarthy


Cleaner:  Mrs Michelle Moore

Caretaker: Mr Stephen Thompson


S.E.N Team

Mrs Lesley Wilkinson

Mrs Linda Moore

Mrs Sinead Kelly/Mrs Rachel Boal

Mrs Karen Welch

Mrs Leah Gallagher

Mrs Aoife Mustapha: E.A.L