Special Duties Posts:

Mr David Oliver (Administrative Principal)

Ms. Linda Moore (Deputy Principal)

Mrs Lesley Wilkinson (Special duties teacher)

Mrs. Arlene Gallen  (Special duties teacher )

Ms. Lisa Tease (Special Duties teacher)


Class Teachers:

Mrs Vikki McArt – Junior Infants 1

Mrs Fiona Bowe – Junior Infants 2

Ms Lisa Tease – Senior Infants

Mrs Arlene Gallen and Ms. Amy McDowell – 1st

Mrs Clare Friel – 2nd

Mrs Emma McLaughlin – 3rd

Mrs Catherine McKinley – 4th

Mrs Karen Smyth – 5th

Mr Mark Cannon – 6th

Ms Donna McMullan (Career Break)


S.E.T. Special Education Needs Teachers

Mrs Lesley Wilkinson

Ms Linda Moore

Mrs Sinead Kelly (Jobshare)

Mrs Rachel Boal  (Jobshare)

Mrs Aoife Mustapha – EAL (English Language Support)

Mrs Karen Welch

Ms Leah Gallagher (Shared S.E.N. post)


Special Needs Assistants

Mrs Elaine Maguire, Mrs Maureen Durack,  Ms Nina Leech, Ms Susan McCahill, Ms Caroline Dunne, Ms Maria Lynas and Gemma Moore

Mr Martin Crossin – Tin Whistle


Ancillary Staff: 

Lynn Robinson  – School Secretary

Heather McCarthy –School Secretary


Michelle Moore  – School Cleaner                

Stephen Thompson – School Caretaker