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Clay Hedgehogs

Making our clay hedgehogs in Junior Infants A



Junior Infants A – At the Hospital Aistear.

This topic is now complete and we will be starting Santa’s Christmas Workshop tomorrow!

November newsletter 2020

Feed the birds in Winter

As the temperatures outside begin to drop it is important to put out a supply of food for the birds in our school grounds.We use a variety of foods including suet,peanuts and seed mix.We chose locations close to sheltered areas and with good tree cover.We made a plan of our bird feeder locations and we then made a bird feeding map.

We have already observed a few blue tits and thrush feeding in the school courtyard.The crows have also been keeping their crafty eyes on the food.The bird feeding stations will have to be refilled every week and classes will be encouraged to keep a record of the birds that they see visiting the feeders in their classroom wall chart.


Junior Infants A – Fun on the Farm Art work.

Junior Infants A learnt how to use oil pastels and created amazing cow portraits!


We also turned paper plates into little piggies 🙂

Ealaín le Rang a Dó!


Building Diary

Outdoor creativity

Second class have really enjoyed exploring the outdoors this month. We spent lots of time in ‘The Woodland Area’ in our school grounds. The children enjoyed making mini huts and rafts in their pods.

Junior Infants B Artwork

Junior Infants have been busy creating beautiful art. They made scarecrows and painted autumn trees. They also painted lovely self portraits.