Parents and families practise and learn Gaeilge!

Here are details of an upcoming course to help parents to learn basic sounds words and phrases in Irish.The course is particularly for parents who have come to Ireland from other countries.Places are limited so if you are interested please contact Bairbre on 0860751663.

We are very grateful to Líonra Leitir Ceannain for their very kind donation of Irish Language books for our new school library.

Mondrian mural

One of our very talented parents Samantha Fisher created this wonderful Mondrian mural in our school corridor.The builders had put up a temporary wooden partition

and we decided to add a splash of colour ! Great job Samantha and thank you .

November newsletter 2020

Update – Coronavirus

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I would like to share a poem written by school secretary and S.E.T. teacher Mrs Sinead Kelly.They both had the idea of a poem in their head and this is their collaborative poem and thoughts on ‘Quarantine.Well done to Heather and Sinead.I hope you enjoy it ! 

In Times of Quarantine 

Our lives are a bit different from this time last year
When we could go about our business and live with little fear.
Now in the year 2020 we have to stay safe and stay home
No longer can we go to Penneys for a wee bargain and a roam.
Washing hands very often has become the new norm
And some days it’s hard to be in good form.

It’s not always easy to be cooped up in the same space
Some days we would just like to be in a different place.
Teaching and home schooling was never part of our plans
We are shop workers, farmers, doctors, nurses, mechanics, engineers, home makers, and people who drive delivery vans. 

Now it’s “Will you listen to my reading?” “I’m stuck on number three!”
“Mummy, Mummy, will you help me?”
The walls are closing in, this is not an easy task
A little peace and quiet is all I ask.
With the kids all at home 24/7 the house can be like a tip!
Hiding for 5 minutes in the bathroom is as good as a day trip. 

The jobs we did in our ‘normal’ pre-Covid daily life
We probably did, with little or no strife.
Now we are adjusting to this new way of life each day
It would be lovely if the kids could just meet their friends to play. 

One day is good, another may be bad
But each day is a new one – for that I’m very glad.
It’s ok to feel happy. It’s ok to feel sad.
Feelings are normal – you are not going mad.
Sometimes we feel grateful and hopeful and delighted
The thought of the kids going back to school makes us feel excited! 

Sometimes we miss our friends and even work and school
To visit parents and grandparents – now wouldn’t that be cool!
The running and racing has all stopped for a while
And we can recharge our batteries and try to keep a smile. 

We can try new recipes, what’s app and zoom,
Exercise and board games to lift the gloom.
It’s nice to get out walking each and every day
But sometimes you get tired of your own 2K!
So if you’re feeling lonely, overwhelmed or a bit down,
Don’t be worried, it’s ok some days to wear a frown (and your dressing gown!!) 

I know it’s hard for everyone, this hand we have been dealt.
But friends, teachers, families are ready to help.
Just reach out your hand – don’t be afraid!
And I guarantee that very soon these feelings will fade.
Try to count your blessings and don’t forget to pray
For if we have faith, hope and love, He will surely send comfort our way. 

One day soon we will come out of this together and stronger
But for now we have to look after each other a little bit longer.
So until the day that we can hug and shake hands, don’t feel alone
Don’t forget we are in this together – you are never on your own! 

By Heather Mc Carthy and Sinéad Kelly