Green Team Summer Update

June saw our Green team selling produce from the polytunnel to fund seed and bird feeder buying for next year. We had huge amounts of onions to clean ready for selling, some beetroot, and some mixed lettuce. All was purchased extremely quickly at home time and we raised 62 Euro! Thank you to everyone who bought anything from our little stall!



The end of June saw the summer holidays. Fortunately (or maybe not!) there was plenty of rain to keep our wildflowers watered, and their growing began.

The sunflowers and nasturtiums also started to grow and the tomatoes in our poly tunnel were well on their way too!


July and August saw some very wet weather but our wild flowers bloomed beautifully and kept our little winged friends very happy!

Our sunflowers also bloomed and Mrs.Kelly’s potatoes look ready to be harvested.


We are looking forward to an exciting year, planting lots of food seeds and more wildflowers. We have a no mow area still in place and hope that lots of bugs have found it a safe place to find food.

Here’s to another very Green year at Ballyraine!