Roman Shields and Helmets

4th class had great fun making Roman helmets in class and he created fabulous Roman shields at home.

Mandalas from nature

Dig, dig, dig!


The beginning of May saw the Green Team hard at work transplanting our nasturtiums into the outside beds with help from Stephen. Mrs Kelly and some of her pupils had also planted some seed potatoes in this bed; with a tyre to deepen the soil.

Stephen had some strawberry plants for us to plant, they were planted inside the polytunnel next to the tomatoes and our cucumber plant. We are all excited to see some fruit soon!

Green fingers

Returning after Easter saw the polytunnel brimming with sprouts and shoots. Everyone was delighted to see their hard work had paid off as all the seeds were beginning to grow.

Lettuce plants were transplanted into bigger pots, to give them more room to grow and the last of the daffodils were planted in front of the school to brighten our pots.

Green Team Get Growing!

March Notes March Notes

April was busy with sowing and growing taking place in the polytunnel. The Green Team were busy planting tomato, lettuce, beetroot, peas and many flower varieties such as marigolds, cornflowers and nasturtiums. Thank you to Stephen, our caretaker who provided the seeds and is an honorary member of our Green Team!