Ballyraine NS

Ballyraine NS is a co-educational primary school in the town of Letterkenny under joint Church of Ireland/Presbyterian management. While it is a school with a Protestant ethos, all pupils of whatever background or religious persuasion are equally valued and respected.

Religious education
Ballyraine NS is a Protestant school under joint Church of Ireland/Presbyterian management and as such believes that nurturing the child in an atmosphere of faith and ensuring the child’s religious formation is a core activity of the learning experience.
Regular assemblies are held on Thursday mornings.
Our former colleague, vice-principal and learning support teacher, Mrs. Marina Sterritt (retired 2011) wrote a very interesting history of the school. This book is available to purchase from the school office.

Teaching Staff
The school has an administrative Principal Ms. Linda Moore. There are currently 16 teachers in the school.  Classes are single grade and there are 9 mainstream class teachers.  There are 4 S.E.T teachers, and a teacher in a  junior Autism classroom. There is also a full time E.A.L teacher.

School ISMT

Linda Moore:    Administrative Principal

Arlene Gallen:    Deputy Principal

Lesley Wilkinson: Assistant Principal (I.C.T/Library)

Catherine McKinley :  Assistant Principal 

Vikki McArt: Assistant Principal    

S.N.A (Special Needs Assistants)

There is 1 part time SNA and 8 full time SNA’s.

Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for the governance of the school on a day to day basis.
The Chairperson acts on behalf of the Board in certifying school returns, policy documents and other official forms as required.
The Board of Management is responsible for the adoption of school policies and overall management, in accordance with Rules for National Schools, including the appointment of staff, maintenance of appropriate standards of behaviour within the school and implementation of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989 through the school’s safety agreement.
The Board of Management is also responsible for the general maintenance of the school building and grounds and the provision of satisfactory heating and cleaning in the school.

The Board’s term of office is four years. It has eight members, comprising two patron nominees, two teacher nominees, and two parent nominees from the wider community.