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'Hands Around Our World'

This beautiful display was created by Mrs. McArt and her pupils
There have been some notes and requests from parents this term for pupils who are unwell with coughs/colds to remain inside at break/lunchtime.
As there is no supervision in classrooms if it is an outdoor break, pupils will be encouraged to wrap up well with coats and hats to get some fresh air before returning to the classroom.
School uniform
Parents are reminded that pupils should wear full school uniform including black shoes.

Sports gear should be worn on specified P.E. day only.

Jack & Jill Mobile Phone Appeal
Don’t forget … if Santa brings a new mobile phone, we would like your old phone! All phones donated will provide much needed funding for the ‘Jack and Jill Appeal’ which provides support and nursing care for very sick children.
Please also ask friends and family for their old mobile phones and computer games. Wii, Xbox, PS, Ds and PSP are accepted. All games must include the box and cover art, instructions and the working game. We can now obtain a new laptop, great sets of library books and P.E. equipment for the school by collecting more phones and games.

  We're all back in school again and despite the damp, cool weather hope to avoid the sniffles which often occur so here are some tips! Click here to see the HSE guidelines and advice on symptoms, treatment etc
Parents are reminded that all items of uniform and lunch boxes should be clearly labeled at the start of the school year. Every year a large number of coats are taken to local charity shops despite reminders asking parents to call in and check lost property. Simply writing your child’s name on their coat makes it easily identifiable. So no time like the present – use a permanent marker on the labels of jumpers and coats. This will help us to help you if items get lost!
Healthy Lunches
There have been a few enquiries about healthy options in our ‘Healthy Lunch’ school policy. Please refer to this list when preparing your child’s lunch:
Fruit   Vegetables Fizzy Drinks Sweets
Dried fruit and nuts   Yogurts Biscuits Chocolate bars
Crackers   Cheese Crisps Chewing gum
Plain popcorn   Plain buns Cakes Pink 'n whites
Plain biscuits   Scones Fruit winders Chocolate balls yogurts
Healthy option cereal bars eg. Muesli bars Sweet cereal bars
eg. Rice Krispies/Coco pop bars

School Access:
The school is fitted with door locks to ensure pupil and staff safety during school hours.
All parents and visitors who call after 9.10am are required to enter via the front door and ring the door bell to gain access. Doors are opened during break and lunchtime but will be closed at 2:45pm. Please ring the bell to gain access. This system is required by Department of Education and Science and does not in any way change our 'Parent friendly' Open Door policy at Ballyraine N.S.. Parents are reminded however of the importance of contacting the secretary on 9124758 if they wish to arrange an appointment with the teacher.

Parents are requested to:
Collect infant pupils from their classroom promptly at 12.00 or 1.30pm.
Notify the class teacher if someone else is collecting.
Parents/guardians who remain in the school car park for 2:30pm collection should ensure that infant pupils are under their supervision at all times. For security reasons, the doors will be locked when infant classes are dismissed. Under no circumstances should pupils climb/stand on walls, run in the car park or play in the school playground after they have been dismissed. Pupils being collected at 2:30pm must remain inside the school grounds until parents arrive.
These rules help to ensure the safety of all pupils.

School buses have been unable to park safely due to parents parking in the bus bay at the lower end of the car park. Pupils are then at risk as they have to move onto the road to get on their buses. Parents are requested not to park in this zone and to keep the disabled parking zone at the front gate clear AT ALL TIMES. Taxis have been parking in this zone to collect other pupils so if your child is collected by taxi, please ask the driver not to park in the disabled parking zone.

PE Hall
All pupils must have a pair of non-marking plimsoles or
runners for PE classes. No blacksoled shoes will be allowed on the wooden floor surface.

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