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The Green Team are making their own plant food from comfrey, nettles and seaweed
Tidy Towns' Report
We were delighted to receive complimentary mention in the adjudicator's report for the Tidy Towns, as follows:
One is pleased with the way you proceed in many of the programmes you have in train for example the novel 'Pedal Power Cinema' or the collecting of the candle wax. At a more practical level your sustainable travel activities and plans are impressive. What the adjudicator liked in connection with the travel was that it was not confined to the school-going population but Bike Week seemed to embrace the whole community. Creating awareness of food waste hits the most guilty age group in the sustainable living category. Green Flags are waving every time we pass a school. Congratulations to the pupils, teachers and parents.
Reported in the local newspaper in the article :'Tidy Town Report Favourable for Letterkenny'
......'Of all the schools, Ballyraine N.S. was probably the
most memorable, being beautifully painted....'
There are lots of elder flower blossoms in the hedgerow at the moment so we made some delicious Elder flower lemonade using ten elder flower heads,sugar,water,lemon zest and lemon slices. We simmered the ingredients until the sugar and water had turned to syrup. We left it to soak up the flavours for 24 hours and served the lemonade with some fizzy water and ice. A perfect summer drink..cool and refreshing !
The Green team are always on the look out for new recipes and ways of using the fruit and vegetables we grow.
We made a madeira cake with lavender and steamed rhubarb provided the filling for the cake.The finishing touch was some vanilla ice cream and it was delicious.
Two of our pupils were delighted to be present at the visit of President Higgins to Letterkenny.
Thank you for representing our school so well !
June 2016 - all hard at work and enjoying the sunshine !
Nov 2015 - Our Polytunnel crops are flourishing! Well done to all the hard working gardeners who cared for them during the Summer and Autumn

June 2015 - Exciting developments in our Nesting Box Viewing Project ! Click here for a report by green team member E.L.

Easter 2015 - Green Team news report - we've been very busy this year! Click here to read a report (pdf format)
L.M. helps to paint our lovely sculpture!
'Go Green' Week in June 2013 was amazing! Here are some photos of
the wide range of indoor and outdoor activities enjoyed that memorable week

Click here to see a great Powerpoint slideshow of
the work and finished results on Jack's Hill.

You need to have the program Microsoft Powerpoint installed on your computer to view the slideshow.
Before viewing it, you will be asked to save the downloaded slideshow on your computer
It will take a minute to download the slideshow presentation, if you have reasonable broadband.

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Recycling Zone
Worksheets and paper are shredded and used as animal bedding
Some of our art materials come from 'The Source' Recycling centre in Derry
We also recycle - batteries
- Postage stamps
- Computer ink cartridges

All items for recycling should be brought to the school office. Don't forget to visit your nearest recycling centre and bottle banks.