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If you obtained a new mobile this Summer,  please send in your old mobile phone for our Jack and Jill Appeal ! We were delighted to obtain a free wonderful top class Promethean interactive board as a result of the appeal last year, thank you all so much for your great efforts and generosity. A special ‘well done’ to C.N. (last year's 6th Class) who collected almost 60 phones. All our classrooms including learning support rooms have now lovely interactive boards, and we can now obtain a new laptop, great sets of library books and P.E. equipment for the school by collecting more phones.

'Jedward' created an electric atmosphere and made the day/year of over 1700 school children when they visited the two winning schools of the Jack & Jill Phones for boards competition on Thursday the 23rd of June. The two schools St. Colmcille’s National School, Knocklyon who collected the most phones overall at 2293 phones and Presentation Primary, Drogheda who collected the most phones per head at 5.8 phones per head received the surprise of their lives when Jedward literally bounded into their classrooms. The screams were deafening and Jedward took time to interact with all 1764 children.

All the phones collected will go a long way towards helping Jack & Jill continue to help the families of the 270 children currently under their wing. The schools campaign around Ireland has raised 300,000 phones which will allow Jack & Jill to look after 100 babies for one whole year!

Click here to visit the 'Jack and Jill' website and find out more about the interactive board on offer, and about the good work the Jack and Jill Foundation do. This website also has some interactive games.
This is the story of 'Jack and Jill' :
In 1996, a little baby boy called Jack was born to his parents Jonathan and Mary Ann. He was a bouncy, bonny happy baby.
However, two days later, baby Jack became very ill. His parents were told that he would probably never walk, sleep, feed, see… all of the things a healthy baby can do.
His parents were very worried, but they were even sadder when they were told that the government would not pay for Jack’s nursing care if they took him home from hospital.
Jack's Mum and Dad did not want to leave him in hospital, they wanted to bring him home to their house where he would be cosy and warm and with his family.
Even though they were worried as Jack was on lots of different medicines, they knew that Jack would be happiest at home. Jack's parents were very lucky. They were not on their own.
Five Ladies that lived near Jack began to take care of him in his house. They nursed him around the clock so his parents didn’t have to leave him in the hospital.
Sadly, Jack was not meant for this world and passed away. He only lived for 22 months; he died just before his 2nd birthday.
Jack's parents were very sad, but they were also very grateful to the ladies who had given so much time nursing Jack.
Jack’s parents did not want any other family to go through what they did. They were determined that any family who has a baby with brain damage, like Jack, would have a nurse to take care of them.
So they set up a charity called:
The Jack and Jill Foundation. Like the nursery rhyme, where Jack and Jill climb up a hill, families of a sick child can often feel like they too are climbing up a hill because life can be very diffi cult at times.
This charity makes the lives of a Jack and Jill baby that bit easier.
Through raising money, they are able to ensure that babies like Jack will have a nurse in their home while they are sick.
Jack and Jill raise money in lots of ways, people hold dinners, run in marathons, hold golf competitions, hold cake sales, and last but not least help us by collecting old mobile phones. Just 250 old mobiles will
give a baby like Jack a whole month of nursing care
250 Phones = 1 Nurse for 1 month
Remember “One of the most important lessons we will ever learn in life is learning how to help others”.
Jack and Jill have helped over 1,100 babies in the last 12 years and with everyone’s help will continue to provide assistance for many more years to come.
How do they help families?
They do their best to give the babies and their family the best
quality of life they can:

1. They arrange home visits by their Liaison Officers/Nurses in the 26 counties in The Republic of Ireland.
2. They give advice on caring for a child at home.
3. They give advice and information on how to access all the services that the
child may require.
4. They listen to what the parents/carer want for their child and they help them to get the assistance they need.
5. They provide direct funding to families, so that they can purchase home respite care.
6. They speak to the Government/Health Boards/HSE on behalf of the families.
7. They give Bereavement Support and follow up.
8. They provide an area on their website so that parents of Jack and Jill Babies can chat with each other.