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Leabhair Gaeilge
( Irish reading books)

Fáilte go dtí ár leathanach le scéaltaí as Gaeilge!
Welcome to our page of Irish stories!
Tá súil agam go mbainfidh sibh taitneamh as na scéaltaí deasa seo, ón scéim 'Séideán Sí' le haghaidh rang a trí.
I hope that you will enjoy these lovely stories, from the series 'Séideán Sí' for third class.

Mrs. W
Please note: these are MP3 format recordings in order that you can listen to them from this website. You can, if you like download them to your computer and save them on to an mp3 player to listen to anywhere! If you want to put them on a cd to play in a stereo you will need to change them to WAV format. You can download a free program 'Switch File Sound Converter' to do this for you easily, click here to review this program and download it if you wish.

lth. 3 - 10

lth. 12 - end

lth. 1 - 14

lth. 16 - end

lth. 3-18

lth 18 - end

lth 2-10

lth 12 - end

lth 2 - 6

lth 8 - end

lth 3 - 11

lth 12 - end

Lth 2 - 8

lth 9 - end

An Corcán Óir
lth 3 - 13

An Corcán Óir
lth 14 - end

Peata Béir lth 1 - 10

Peata Béir lth 11 - end

Coinnigh Greim Air!
lth 6-29

Coinnigh Greim Air!
lth 30 -end

Garraí na Scoile
lth 2-18

Garraí na Scoile
lth 19- end

Seachain tú féin
lth 1-14

Seachain tú féin
lth 15 - 25


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