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Mrs. Sterritt's Farewell

Chairperson A.K welcomes everyone   School choir conducted by D.Oliver sing
'Will ye go, lassie, go'
C.M. plays on the keyboard accompanied by D.O.   M.S.   M.S. speaks about her life and career with a backdrop of lovely slides
J.C. speaks on behalf of former principal, D.H. who was unable to attend due to recent illness   D.O. gives J.C. some lovely flowers to give to D.H.   Former principal, A.McK. speaks
present principal, D.O., speaks   C.M. plays the bagpipes   C.M. speaks and plays
L.W. aptly sings 'Young at Heart'   E.D. sings beautifully 'Make you feel my love' and plays the keyboard   Former pupil, H.L. reads a poem tribute to M.S.
Parent and friend, D.L. sings two lovely songs   Former pupil, L.K. sings two lovely songs, one of her own composition and ''That's all right, Momma'   pupil A.N. makes a presentation to M.S.
H.McC. and D.T. make a presentation to M.S. from the parents' association   Treasurer P.M. presents a beautiful painting by H.B. to M.S.
The parents' association say thanks to M's supportive husband, J.S.   M.S. thanks everyone
Pupils give M.S. a tree   choir sing 'God created the whole wide, world', 'Praise to the one' and 'Memories' with fantastic soloist E.R.'   Rev. S.W. led us in prayer
pupil C. drums in style with the choir   Pupils S.L. and J.McC. present M.S. with a pretty cake
    painting by H.B.   Board of management with M.S.
    former colleagues A.W., A.McK., M.S. and J.McE.   former teachers and present principal
present teaching staff (from left) :
back: E.B., A.D., K.S., A.M., D.O., C.C., L.M., C.R.
front: A.G., F.B., M.S., S.K., and L.W.
J.McE. and M.S. friends who taught together   M.S. with former colleagues C.C. and J.McE.   pupils M.L. and J.R. with M.S.
M.S.'s family   M.and J. S, with their family   E.D. and M.S.
S.N.A.'s,other staff and M.S.    


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