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3rd Class

Mrs. W Welcome to our page ! Our teacher's name is Mrs. Wilkinson
Practise your tin whistle along with Mr. Murray!
Have fun
Listen to our Irish stories being read aloud by our teacher! Each page is read slowly in Irish, then translated into English to help with understanding. We hope that you enjoy listening and that it helps you practice your reading at home with your parents, sisters and brothers.
We really enjoyed learning how to Finger Knit!
Pretty woven baskets

The Word Party
Loving words help each other
Lost words are sad
Funny words giggle
Different words fight a lot
Sad words weep and sob
Mean words are not used a lot
Careless words get hurt often
Secret words don’t say anything
Friendly words often play
Fighting words know karate
Dirty words never, ever take showers
Stupid words walk into the walls
Working words will fix your windows
Sharp words spike the other words
Sporty words sweat all the time
Clear words shout ‘I’m a window’
Old words carry walking sticks
Ghost words say ‘Ohh’ and go through walls
Mummy words hold their babies
Sad words start to weep
Kind words help them find their feet
Magic words put on a show
Old words mind the little ones
Brave words protect others
Bullying words boss and bite
Cool words wear sun glasses
Lazy words continue sleeping
Messy words are all over the place
Animal words are crazy
Sporty words are fast
Smart words learn a lot
Clumsy words trip over each other
Mad words scream and shout and let it all out
Sad words sit and weep
Magic words mix up potions
Posh words buy designer clothes
Colour words mix up
Welcome words say ‘hello’ and ‘hi’
Champion words show off their medals
Clean words wash their hair a lot
Mean words think of a plot
Super hero words save the day

By 3rd class

Creative Writing 'Magic Carpet Adventure' for the Pushkin 'Let Go Let Fly' celebrations

Lovely Mother's Day cards!

St. Patrick's Day fun! We made super badges
We really enjoyed our nature hunt with Aengus around the playground exploring our various wildlife habitats - deciduous woodland, coniferous trees, grassland, school garden, pond. We learned all about biodiversity and made books containing our nature samples
Easter Cupcake Cooking Class!
To see the recipe click here
You Are my Sunshine ! Click to listen to 4 of us us singing 'You are my Sunshine' in two part harmony. We hope that it makes you smile!

Part 1 sung by J.K. and C.C.

Part 2 sung by C.W. and I.M.


Light Experiments
E.M. shines a torch through the transparent glass of the door Some of the torchlight shines through the tranluscent paper None of the light travels through the opaque object - our friend C. !
We discovered that light reflected in a concave mirrored surface (like a spoon) turns the object upside down, and that if you view your reflection in a convex surface (like the back of a spoon) it turns the image upright again.
It was really interesting to see how changing the angle of reflection between two mirrors caused the object to be reflected two, 3, 4 or many times
We figured out how to prove and demonstrate that light travels in straight lines looking through the top and bottom of a homemade periscope viewing objects through a periscope
Showing how light travels through a periscope
We made a periscope using a milk carton and two mirrors. The mirrors were placed in the carton at parallel angles, one mirror facing up and the other facing down
We examined how shadows lengthen and shorten at different times of the day, and face the opposite direction to that of the sun in the sky. Just for fun we then made shadown pictures using our hands
Weather Work !
We've been measuring, observing and testing the weather recently. We've made wind catchers to investigate what materials may be carried along on the wind, and we found little bits of plant matter and seeds. We have a water barometer, a wind vane, a thermometer, and a rain guage.

I.M. reads the rain guage to see how many mm of rain fell overnight. Some nights we've had no rain at all, and 17mm over a wet weekend!

I. M. checks the wind vane to see what direction the wind is coming from. First we had to check our directions with the compass to make sure that our arrows were pointing in the right directions. So far the wind has been often from the south, or south west.

I.M. checks the thermometer to see what the temperature is. It has varied so far between 3 and 11 degrees, so not too warm!
Our Water Barometer. The air pressure pushes down the coloured water in the spout, so when the air pressure is high the water in the spout is low. When the air pressure is low the water in the spout rises up high. We have seen low pressure every day so far, and one day it was so low the water started dripping out of the top of the spout!
We are learning about Golden Eagles and their reintroduction project in Glenveagh National Park.
by C. L. by E.N.
We really enjoyed the recent visit by a local guard, who came to speak to us about cyberbullying and staying safe online.
We made some models of Egyptian Canopic Jars, used by the Ancient Egyptians
to store the internal organs from Mummys

My Dad

If he were an animal
he would be a bear,
If he were a machine
he would be a motorbike,
If he were a colour
he would be red,
If he were made of material he would be spongy and wooly
If he were a fruit
he would be an apple
If he were a food
he would be a chocolate bar
by A.B.

My Little Brother

If my little brother was a vehicle, he would be a bulldozer.
If he was a food
he would be a chickatee.
If he was a tool
he would be a sledge hammer.
If he was a shop
he would be Smyths.
If he was an animal
he would be a rhino.
If he was a drink
he would be ribena
But he's none of the above,
he's just my little brother


If my Mum was....

If my mum was a colour
she would be orange,
If my mum was an animal
she would be a lioness,
If my mum was a gadget
she would be a P.S. vita,
If my mum was something in the living room she would be the television,
If my mum was a flower
she would be a rose,
If my mum were a food
she would be noodles with tomato ketchup,
If my mum was a feeling she would be happiness and love
by I.M.

My Poem
If my granda was a colour
he would be blue,
If my granda was something in the house he would be the cookie cupboard,
If my granda was a piece of clothes he would be a cap,
If my granda was an animal
he would be a puppy,
If my granda was a place
he would be a shed.
by S.B.
We were thinking creatively about our families and having fun! If Mum Was....
If mum was a colour it would be yellow warm, sunny and bright,
If she were a place it would be a beach, beautiful golden
sand and the soothing
sound of the sea,
If mum were an animal it would be a lovely silky cat,
If she was a piece of furniture it would be a comfy couch,
If she was a drink it would
be a nice cup of tea.
By A.W.
Dia Dhaoibh!
Hello from three pupils in 3rd class
Click below to hear each recording
Winter Poem, by C.C.

The Winter breeze has a shiver up the spine
With a fire to warm the blood and hot chocolate to drink and to warm your hands
the snow will fall as soft as can be
The tree is all decorated
The lights all glowing
Christmas is coming!
This Sept 3rd class really enjoyed learning to knit. These are all the beautiful 'Innocent Smoothie' hats knitted by ourselves, our family and friends. We learned to cast on stitches, knit plain and purl stitches, knit stocking stitch, reduce our stitches, finish off, gather together and stitch up a finished piece of knitting. Many of us also learned to make a homemade bobble, and to sew on the bobble on to our hats. We had a lot of fun, but none of this work would have been possible without the great help and tuition from our parents and family who came in to help us learn these new skills. Thank you all so much!

Innocent Smoothie are accepting hats posted to them until the 12th Dec, and they will give 30c from each hatted Innocent Smoothie bottle sold to 'Age Action' Ireland. As a result of this 'Big Knit' which has taken place every Sept for the last few years, over €100,000 has been raised nationwide for Age Action Ireland, to help older people stay warm and well during the Winter. We have posted off all the hats shown above, but if you've any more finished since Sept. please post them to the address above.

To find out more about the 'Big Knit', and also to see knitting patterns
click HERE to visit the Age Action Website.

We introduced ourselves to our new class and teacher on the sides of a handmade cube. It's great to find out more about each other after our Summer break !
by R.G. by A.A. by C.R.
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