5th Class Creative Writing by R.K.

Hole in the Hedge by R.K.
Once there was a family with 4 children. Their names are Sophia who is 10, Eli who is 8, Noah who is 6 and Ella is 4.They have 1 dog called Pebbles who is a brown Lab.
One windy, October evening they were playing outside in their garden when Noah fell into a bush. Eli went to help him when they spotted something in the bush. They called Sophia over and Ella and Pebbles followed her. Something flashed across the sky a few times but they didn’t know what it was. The next time they saw it flashing, Eli thought it was a deer. Ella thought it was a plane. Then it came really close and it was like bells ringing. Noah suddenly shouted “SANTA! It could be Santa!” Pebbles barked and barked but they still couldn’t make out what it was.
The wind started to pick up and then Ella leaned forward to get a better look and Sophia tried to grab her but they both flew right into the bush and they were in Santa’s sleigh. They couldn’t believe it! Then suddenly the two boys came flying in on top of them they had come after them. Then the sleigh hit the ground with a loud thump. To their amazement, Santa was right in front of them. They explained what had happened, but they couldn’t help but wonder why Santa was out in the middle of October. They asked him and he told them that he always goes out in October for a practise with the reindeer but he goes different places every year. This year he was late doing it, as he had no other time to do it, so he had to just fly really high because it was only 6:00 in the evening. However, it had gotten so windy and wet this evening that the reindeer were flying all over the place. They have been resting for 10 months so they are always a bit wobbly but this was the WORST night to do it.
He then asked the children if they would like to go for a ride if he could get the reindeer going. I don’t think I need to tell you what the answer was – of course they screamed – “YES!” So he got the reindeer up on their feet and they flew up into the evening sky and headed to the North Pole. “We can see everything from up here,” shouted Ella. The children felt so excited but they also felt a little scared in case the reindeer crashed down again!
After a while they landed at the North Pole. It was incredible. The children hopped out of the sleigh onto the crunchy, white snow and Mrs Claus was there to greet them. They had so many questions for her like
“Why is there snow here in October?” “ How many elves do you have?” They had asked Santa a lot on the journey too but he just smiled.
Mrs Claus took them into a small, cosy, wooden barn and Santa took the reindeer into another shed beside it. They had some hot chocolate with marshmallows and they saw some of the elves too. They were so tiny and they spoke a weird language but Mrs Claus and Santa knew how to speak to them.
When Santa came back he took them around to visit all the workshops in his village. All the elves were so busy at work. It was so magical to see how it all works. There were tons and tons of presents in every corner.
After this they went ice skating and had a snowball fight with Santa and the Elves. Mrs Claus made them a lovely dinner after the cold snow and they sat beside the fire listening to some of Santa’s stories of his adventures. When they began to feel sleepy, Santa said he would take them home in his sleigh but they didn’t want to go home. They wanted to stay in Santa’s village forever but they knew they had to leave.
They put on their coats and boots and headed back to the sleigh. Santa got the reindeer ready again and they took flight. The wind had calmed down but it was dark now. They saw the lights of the towns twinkling below and they were amazed at how beautiful it was. Finally they arrived at their house. Santa landed them back safely at the hedge and they said “Thanks so much for the best night of our lives”, the children cried as Santa few off into the night sky, winking at them as he left. Sophia looked at her watch at it was still 6:00pm! Time had stood still in Santa’s village.
What an amazing adventure they had that night! When their mother called them in for tea, they told her about the incredible evening they had. She smiled as she listened and said – “Wow, you have such amazing imaginations, children!”


5th Class Learning at Home

Horned Sheep by L.R.

5th Class had a homeschool option this week of creating an artwork using pieces of nature from their gardens. Not easy in January when our gardens are not at their best but LR succeeded in making this beautiful piece of art. Amazing creativity, well done L!